15-year-old Yakima girl thrown in car trunk called for help

YAKIMA, Wash. - A 15-year-old girl from Yakima was kidnapped and trapped in the trunk of a car for two hours. She's safe after police tracked her location. Three suspects are now in custody.

A teenage girl's harrowing ordeal started in a neighborhood near 64th and Terry Avenues. Her poise under pressure could be what saved her life.

Police said the 15-year-old was leaving her house to go to school when she was approached by three individuals wearing masks. One was armed with a handgun and physically forced to get in the trunk.

Witnesses saw it happen. Police said she wasn't tied up in the trunk. Because of that, she managed to call her family for help.

"She wasn't able to give accurate directions," said Yakima Police Spokesperson Rod Light. "She was able to give some information as to the road surfaces, the sounds."

Yakima police were finally able to find out where the car was heading by tracking her cell phone. Police were able to pinpoint the location on Weikel Road.

From Weikel Road, the car took a back way to Naches then headed west to Chinook Pass near Bumping Lake. That's when troopers stopped the car on State Route 410.

The girl was found safe and one suspect was arrested. Two other people investigators said were involved were dropped off sometime during the kidnapping. Police arrested them at Highland High School.

YPD said at one point the girl provided a key clue. She was able to see through a hole and reported seeing snow.

"Is that what helped law enforcement? Her descriptions?" KIMA asked.

"Well yeah, I think when they're up in the mountains now, there's only two ways to go," said Light. "I mean generally from here if you're going to the mountains when there's snow, it's going to be White Pass or Chinook Pass."

Investigators don't have an exact motive. However, they said there was a history of a relationship between the victim and one of the suspects.