14 teens arrested for reportedly drinking at bonfire in woods

GRAHAM, Wash. -- As summer vacation rolls on, so rolls on the Pierce County Party Intervention Patrol, harshing the buzzes of teenagers from Tacoma to Eatonville.

According to the Tacoma/Pierce County DUI and Traffic Safety Task Force, the Party Intervention Patrol arrested 14 underage drinkers at a bonfire in the woods near Graham's La Paloma neighborhood last Saturday night.

The suspects, ages 17 to 20, were cited for trespassing and being minors in possession.

In addition, two teens, one of whom had a handgun on him, were arrested for investigation of DUI after attempting to leave on 4x4s, according to the Task Force.

One of the arrested teens needed medical attention after getting in a fight at the party, and another reportedly said it wasn't the first party held there.

The previous Saturday, the Party Intervention Patrol responded to a party in the Gem Heights neighborhood of South Hill. By the time officers arrived, parents were already picking up their kids and may have been tipped off, according to the Task Force.

One teen was arrested after reportedly jumping a fence and trying to run. Another teen was significantly easier to arrest, being passed out on the lawn at the time, according to the Task Force.

Finally, a Lake Tapps resident called his legislator about youths attending "unsupervised weekend alcohol and pot parties." The Party Intervention Patrol investigated but found no parties at which to intervene.

The Party Intervention Patrol is a joint effort between a number of local agencies. It works to prevent drinking and driving and provide substance-abuse counseling for teens and parents.

It also gives Internet commenters a chance to grouse about how in their day they used to shotgun Old Milwaukee in the Gas-N-Gulp parking lot, and the law was totally cool with it.