100 Uber drivers walk off the job Wednesday in wage dispute

SEATTLE -- 100 Uber drivers essentially walked off the job Wednesday, upset over a wage dispute.

Six weeks after becoming legal in Seattle, the drivers handed in their smartphones, meaning they couldn't work and couldn't make money, but they could make a statement.

They're upset the company gave a discount to customers starting in June which they say came straight from drivers' pockets.

"If we don't do anything about this now, in the near future it's going to be cheaper to take Uberx than to ride the Metro," said UberX driver Jamal Ahmed.

Drivers have now organized, forming a union. Their biggest complaint? A discount tacked on to all rides on UberX -- first 25 percent, then it dropped to 20 percent.

Drivers say that money took a chunk out of their bottom line.

"This is about the right of all of us workers to make a living," said Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant. "To make a basic living for all of our families, as opposed to corporations."

In response, Uber issued their own statement, reading in part, that:

"Uber's goal is to ensure strong 'driver partner earnings' and offer the best value to riders... We have learned a 20 percent price cut will keep demand at record levels... Drivers are making more money now due to demand than they did before the price cut."

Drivers say their goal now is to meet with Uber and restore wages to where they were before the discount.

"We asked our drivers to come here and show support, regardless - even if they deactivate our committee members, we are still going to be here and we are still going to be fighting Uber," Ahmed said.

The ride-share drivers hope their protest will impact the company and how long you wait for an UberX.