10-year-old Wash. girl foils home burglary by three men

CAMAS, Wash. -- Paityn Mock has nerves of steel.

The 10-year-old Camas girl was home alone when three burglars broke in earlier this week. However, she didn't panic. Instead, she was able to stay hidden and called police.

Mock said she didn't answer the door Tuesday afternoon because she saw there was a stranger outside. Instead, she hid in the pantry and watched as the burglars broke in through a downstairs window.

Mock called 911 and snuck outside to hide behind a tree in the yard and waited for police.

"I was pretty scared because I was like, 'I'm not going to get out of here, but I need to get out of here as quick as I can,'" she said.

Police arrived at the house about 10 minutes later and arrested one of the men, who is now cooperating with them. The other two men got away, but police are continuing their investigation.

After the incident, police even gave her a new nickname.

"They call me the Home Alone girl," she said, a reference to the 1990 hit movie that starred Macaulay Culkin.

Mock is simply glad she kept her cool and remembered to follow her mom's advice when a stranger approaches the house.