1 confirmed dead after downtown Everett apartment fire

EVERETT, Wash. - One person has now been confirmed dead after a three-alarm fire that destroyed a downtown Everett apartment building.

Other residents who lived there told the fire department they had not seen the man who lived in the unit where the fire apparently started late Thursday.

Then, on Friday afternoon, investigators were able to enter the dangerously unstable building. A body was found inside, said Aaron Snell, spokesman for the Everett police.

Snell said it is not yet confirmed whether the victim is a man or woman,

Flames broke out about 9:30 p.m. Thursday in the two-story, 13-unit building near Comcast Arena. The building's first floor plays home to the Spare Room Vintage Flea Market, while the second story is apartments.

Arriving firefighters were forced back by the extreme intensity of the flames. The fire went to three alarms and burned into the early morning hours.

Stunned fire victims struggled to find words to describe the intense blaze that consumed everything they own.

"It was like an inferno ... big flames," said resident Geovanni Gabrourel.

He said he was doing homework Thursday night when someone began beating on his door.

"My neighbor knocked on my door saying something is smoldering in the building and I saw smoke in the hallway," he says.

As neighbors describe rushing out of the building in a frenzy, one man rushed in - the apartment manager.

"He bolted to our complex, and smoke was coming out of the Apartment 6 ... and he kicked down the door and tried to retrieve the guy who lived in the apartment and couldn't retrieve him because smoke was super thick," says Gabrourel.

So far, it is still not known what sparked the fire.