Teen boys ask reddit 'Am I ugly?'

Girls aren't the only ones asking strangers on the internet to comment on their looks.

According to a recent report by, many young men are posting in forums on reddit asking for feedback on their appearance. The site analyzed 1,000 postings in the forum "Am I Ugly" and found that 79 percent of users asking for feedback on their appearance were men, with an average age of 19. In the reddit forum "Am I Sexy?" 62 percent of submissions were from men.

Slate writer Amanda Hess reports:

Last month, the Internet collectively frowned over a depressing new genre of viral video: teenage girls taking to YouTube to ask anonymous strangers, "Am I pretty or ugly?" The good/bad news is that this plugged-in permutation of adolescent insecurity isn't just a girl thing.

Boys air their body issues elsewhere onlinelike on the Reddit forum "Am I Ugly?," where users submit their ages, photos, and feelings about their looks, then invite strangers to answer the central question. On Tuesday, a 16-year old boy posted a bathroom selfie and said, "be honest even if it's not nice." Five other users weighed in. "Not ugly, but not particularly hot either," one wrote. "A good personality will always be the deciding factor, but more so than usual with you." Wrote another, "Looking tired or unhealthy isn't very attractive. Try working on your habits, or see if there's some face lotion that works well to make your skin a little bit more radiant." Said a third, "You need longer hair."

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