Sacks of Love: College students having a ball fighting testicular cancer

SEATTLE -- A group of college students is using humor to get people talking about a sensitive topic: testicular cancer.

Sacks of Love is a nonprofit founded by Ryan Berg, Ryan Krohn, and Judah Piano, three 20-something Bellingham guys looking to fight the negative stigma surrounding testicular cancer and raise awareness of a disease that targets their age group.

Cancer isn't easy to talk about, so instead, these guys are laughing about it. The snickers start with the organization's name.

"That's the whole point: to make people laugh about it," said Judah Piano, the groups vice president.

Their website reads "Busting Our Balls To Save Yours." Even their logo is a joke.

"It's basically a heart with a sack in it," Piano said.

Their shirts picture a squirrel with the phrase "Saving one nut at a time," which fits their target audience of 18- to 30-year-old men pretty well.

Testicular cancer is the most common and deadly cancer among younger men. In 2012, 350 men in the United States died from this disease.

"Knowing that my age bracket is most susceptible to testicular cancer really makes it real for me," Piano said.

Testicular cancer is usually not fatal when detected early. Sacks of Love encourages all men to perform self-checks regularly - they even offer online guides.

The group will hold is first fundraising 5K on Oct. 19 at Puyallup's Heritage Park. Supporters can sign up at

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