Listen up: get that ear ache checked out

Listen up: get that ear ache checked out

You have an ear ache. Its been going on for days, maybe weeks and is starting to affect your sleep.

The pain is dull, or maybe sharp. Your ears burn, you might have a fever or even some hearing loss.

You might think only kids get ear aches, but it can happen at any age and be extremely painful.

Dr. Linda Petter explains ear pain can come from a number of causes.

"Bacteria. It can be caused by viruses, " Dr. Petter says. "It could be caused from allergies and fluid build-up behind the ear drum."

Q-tips can be a big culprit as well, according to Dr. Petter, as they can pack ear wax further into your ear canal.

Fortunately, your doctor can flush your ears giving you immediate relief from the build-up.

Bottom line? Make that appointment to be seen.

"Your doctor can determine what exactly is going on, help you get better and eliminate that ear pain."

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