How to complain the right way

If you're going to complain, do it the right way to increase your chances of getting some satisfaction.

"Be calm, be firm and be concise," says Ruth Susswein, with a group called Consumer Action.

She says before you make the call or write the letter or go back to the store, figure out what you want. Briefly state the problem and what you expect the solution to be.

"Do you want your money back, do you want a new product or do you just want to vent and get an apology from the company?"

If you complain on the phone or in person, be sure to follow-up with something in writing.

"Because you want some proof of that complaint and the only way to have that is to get it in writing."

When it comes to getting a complaint successfully resolved, the more records you have, the better.

If you have proof, provide copies of that proof to help make your case. Never send the originals.

And don't delay. With certain types of transactions, such a credit card purchases, you only have a limited amount of time to complain.

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