Hospital room lighting may worsen patients' mood, pain

No one likes staying in the hospital, but maybe the aversion can be blamed on the lighting?

Reuters reported on a new study that found patients in an average hospital room are exposed to so little light during the day their bodies cannot adopt a normal sleep-wake cycle.

Allison Bond Kotru writes:

Researchers found the lowest levels of daytime light exposure were tied to worse mood and more fatigue and pain among patients, compared to those whose rooms were better-lit during the day.

"Until now, no one has looked at the associations among light and outcomes such as sleep, mood and pain experienced in the hospital," said Esther Bernhofer, lead author of the study and a nurse researcher at the Cleveland Clinic's Nursing Institute.

"This study forms a basis for testing future lighting interventions to improve sleep-wake patterns, mood and pain in hospitalized adults," Bernhofer told Reuters Health.

Read the full article here.

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