Doctors see disturbing trend of girls eating cotton balls

SEATTLE -- Doctors say young women feeling pressure to be thin are turning to an unusual and dangerous type of eating disorder.

The girls are eating cotton balls, and local psychiatrist, Dr. Neeru Bakshi said the trend began in the fashion industry.

Doctors say the models began eating cotton balls in an effort to feel full and stay regular without actually ingesting any calories.

They began substituting diet pills for cotton balls dipped in gelatin or orange juice. Bakshi said there's been a resurgence in recent months and, thanks to social media, teens may already know about this extreme trend popping up all over Facebook and Twitter.

Doctors say you can lose weight eating cotton balls, but you can also lose your hair, bone density, organ function and even brain function.

"When you're ingesting things that are non-nutritive, it can actually clump together in your gastrointestinal tract, causing blockages, a bursting of the intestines. You could wind up in the hospital or even dead," Brakshi said.

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