Couple finally a family of 3 after twists, turns and scientific miracle

SAMMAMISH, Wash. -- When Matt and Charlie DeVore got married, there was no question they would be parents.

"When we first met, he wanted, what was it, five or six?" Charlie Devore said.

"Five kids," Matt DeVore agreed. But getting that first baby seemed impossible. Charlie struggled to get pregnant. She went through infertility treatments and later the couple moved forward on an adoption that looked final but then fell through.

Ten years and $35,000 later, Charlie was trying to accept the idea that she wasn't meant to be a mom. "I think I went through a lot of emotions. And I was just broken. I felt like a broken person," she said.

The struggle and the hurt feel long ago. Matt and Charlie are the doting parents of one year old CJ, a baby girl with a family tree full of twists and turns as well as gifts and scientific miracles.

Just as the couple thought they'd run out of options, they heard about Snowflakes, an agency that takes frozen embryos created by couples for their own in vitro fertilization and matches them with a new couple.

For the DeVores, it began with a mom who donated her eggs and the next family who fertilized those eggs, creating embryos. That couple had their their first child, a girl. When the couple had a son without outside help, they decided to adopt out their remaining embryos, and through Snowflakes, chose the DeVores. Matt and Charlie used a surrogate mother - Matt's sister, Julie - who gave birth to CJ.

As with adopting a child, Snowflakes does home visits and background checks. The agency works with married couples, single parents and LGBT. While embryo donation has been around for decades, it is often anonymous. Snowflakes encourages open communication between families.

"Just tell her everything," Matt said of their plans. "You know, she may not understand it all, but so she grows up with it. It's never a shock or something that's a secret."

CJ will know the other little girl - her biological sister - born from the same batch of embryos. And the DeVores will make her a book of her life story, so she knows all the people it took to make them a family and to erase their heartache.

"There's nothing left of that," Charlie said. "It's just complete joy having her. Our dreams. Our dreams are right here."

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