Can you tell the difference between a hospital and a hotel?

Some hospitals around the country seem to be looking more like four-star accommodations than traditional treatment centers.

Don't believe me? Just check out the article 'Is This a Hospital or a Hotel?' from the New York Times. Writer Elisabeth Rosenthal describes the trend of hospitals offering swanky perks like private rooms, flat-screen TVs, fireplaces, waterfalls, room service, nail salons and more. She writes:

While no one is getting nostalgic for traditional hospital food, open wards or revealing gowns, some worry that hospitals are going too far with the creature comforts. They are particularly concerned since most hospitals are nonprofit, so construction directly or indirectly is subsidized with public money.

The article goes on to offer a mix of photos from luxurious hospitals and hotels, and you get to guess which is which. The answers may surprise you.

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