Boy who can't blink needs treatment at Mayo Clinic

MULINO, Ore. -- Corban Durant, who will turn 4 years old later this month, loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He loves to laugh. And he loves to sing, even when he forgets the words to his favorite song.

"I can't even tell you in words (how much joy he brings)," says his mother, Natasha Durant of Mulino. "He's just amazing."

But part of Corban's brain is shrinking, affecting his muscle movement and speech. If you look closely, you'll see that he's unable to blink on his own.

Corban also suffers from neuropathy in his legs. He shouldn't be able to walk, but he does.

He has a heart defect and a liver-lung disorder.

In the first 10 months of his life, Corban had 86 doctors' appointments.

"He has probably about 10 (doctors) that he sees regularly," says Durant.

But his specialists at Legacy Emanuel and OHSU have no answers. Now the family is headed to the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

"We're really hoping for a diagnosis, an overall diagnosis of his condition, so that we are able to care for him the best that we can and help prolong his life and make it full," explains Durant.

The cost is more than $20,000, and the Mayo Clinic doesn't accept his Oregon Health Plan insurance. In addition, the hospital requires $9,622 down payment before Corban can be seen.

"We've been trying," says Durant. "We've been doing some small fundraisers. We've been collecting cans and bottles, and we did a carwash this summer."

As of today, the family has raised $4,000.

Regardless, Corban's mom says that her son is going to Minnesota.

"We're going because Corban deserves a diagnosis," says Durant.

To help Corban, you can donate to the "Corban Durant Fund" at any Wells Fargo Bank branch. You can also donate at Go Fund Me.

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