13 comfort foods that burn fat

I often assume that cold weather comfort foods will bring with them an expanded waistline, but ABC News has identified 13 foods that will keep you happy, and healthy, during the fall and winter.

It turns out the antioxidants in hot chocolate, vitamins in collard greens and protein in pot roast can all keep you happy and slim.

I wasn't too surprised to see oatmeal on the list, but do roasted potatoes really burn fat? K. Aleisha Fetters reports:

Spuds don't have a waist-friendly reputation, but they're actually full of nutrients, Gidus says.

"White foods contain the disease-fighting chemical allicin," she says. "This chemical, also present in garlic, has been shown to fight inflammation in the body, contributing to smaller waistlines."

Plus, research shows that calorie for calorie, white potatoes are more satisfying than any other tested food.

Check out the full list and enjoy some delicious - and nutritious - foods this fall!

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