Eric's Heroes: Officer Craig Hanaumi, Bellevue's skateboarding cop

Craig Hanaumi is Bellevue's skateboarding police officer. (Photo: KOMO News)

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- I am thrilled when I meet people who truly love their work, and who attack it every day with energy and compassion and creativity.

I especially love it when those same people happen to be public servants.

I want you to meet a guy named Craig Hanaumi. He's a police officer in Bellevue.

Like any cop, he has at some point asked himself, "How do I get past the barriers that come between me and the people I serve and protect? How do I CONNECT?"

It's a hard question. There is stigma and suspicion to get past; a growing distrust between our people and the men and women who police them.

That's why it's such a pleasure to tell Officer Craig's story. He has used his imagination and his skills to carve out a unique relationship with his community.

That's why he's my hero.

Editor's Note: "Eric's Heroes" is a weekly series airing every Wednesday on KOMO News in the 6 p.m. newscast. If you have a good story about a good person doing good things for the right reasons, share it with Eric by sending an email to

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