Sean, Catherine and Lindsay dish on 'The Bachelor' finale

Last night, America watched as Sean Lowe picked Seattleite Catherine Giudici over Lindsay Yenter on the dramatic finale of ABC's "The Bachelor." Now, the couple says, they're ready for a normal life. Or at least, as normal as it can be, all things considered.

One of the biggest reliefs? Being able to be public with their relationship.

"It's been difficult to keep a secret like that," says Giudici, noting that during the airing of the show, the two only got to see each other "every few weeks" in Los Angeles, where the couple are going to be spending a lot of time, due to Lowe's role as a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars."

But, says Lowe, their upcoming time together in LA will help them explore their relationship. Lowe says he's looking forward to "going on dates and simple things like that," which the couple "haven't been able to do yet."

The two say they're busy planning their wedding, which will also be broadcast on ABC, but that it's difficult because of all the logistics. The two haven't set a date yet.

"Part of having a TV wedding is that you have to partner up with the network and figure out the perfect time," Lowe explains.

Giudici, who received relatively little on-screen time, says she isn't bothered by the fact that she wasn't a focal point for most of the season.

"I knew what I had with him. It was slower to progress than some of the other girls, but I still had time with him and that's something that him and I share. It doesn't really matter if it's documented."

"Our relationship was a little slower to develop," Lowe explains, "it doesn't bother me one bit."

Lowe, who cited his strong religious beliefs as the reason why he was remaining celibate, has been peppered with questions about how he reconciled those convictions with the fact that he was physically intimate, sometimes with multiple women in one night.

"It did feel a little unnatural, but it's 'The Bachelor,'" he says "You're developing multiple relationships...but I certainly don't regret that. And I don't think that anyone else has had a problem with it, either....I think I handled myself well."

Equally unnatural, it seems, is making the quick transition from deciding which woman to choose to becoming engaged. Even Lowe's mother voiced some concern over the quick pace. But, Lowe says, he just had to focus on what he was feeling.

"I think my issue going into that last week was separating my feelings of being in love with Catherine and my feelings of loving Lindsay. I loved the person that she was, and that took a while to separate and straighten out...and luckily, at the end, I did receive the clarity I had been looking for."

And what about runner-up Yenter? Was the experience difficult for her, and how is she fairing now?

"Every girl doesn't want to get her heart broken...when I realized I wasn't going to be Sean's pick, it was hard. It was a really tough situation," remarks Yenter, who is a teacher and says that she loves her job.

"I have my closure," she notes.

Yenter also said she wasn't approached to be on "The Bachelorette," but that she's not worried, because she "isn't looking to be on another TV show."

"It's definitely going to be nice when all of the craziness settles...I love my normal life," Yenter says.

Lowe, however, is headed back to the silver screen, something he says he's a little nervous about.

"I'm most nervous about making a fool of myself on live TV," says Lowe. He'll be dancing alongside professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd.

"We're going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make sure we're the best," Lowe says of the partnership with Murgatroyd.

"I'm excited for him, and I'm excited for us," Giudici says.

The newest season of "The Bachelorette" will feature fan-favorite Desiree Hartsock, who made it into Lowe's final four. It airs May 20.