Oprah's Favorite Things list is really long (and she's coming to Seattle)

Every year, Oprah reminds the world that she is a tastemaker by releasing her list of Favorite Things. And because she doesn't need to limit the list to a TV-friendly version anymore, O can really go wild. This year's list includes a whopping 60 things -- most of which are well outside of the average person's price range. Still, some might be good gifts come holiday season.

The list ranges from a $79 cake which Oprah calls "moist" and "delicious," to a pair of $300 Ugg boots. There are also quilted jackets that are pretty cute, and an electic kettle that actually looks pretty handy and costs a reasonable $100. There are also the ultra-popular Beats by Dre headphones ($300), some cotton pajamas ($74, but Oprah does have a discount code for her fans), and a $400 "kitchen tablet," which is like an iPad that you only use in the kitchen.

Oprah calls this year's Favorite Things list "the ultimate, ultimate list,", noting that "no matter who's on your holiday list, you'll find everything from the whimsical stocking stuffer to the over-the-top indulgence."

Indulgent, indeed.

Oh, and as a sidenote, Oprah will be in town on Thursday -- but don't bother trying to get in. It's an invite-only affair for Starbucks employees to commemorate the company's recent announcement that they'll be hiring over 10,000 veterans and active duty spouses over the next five years. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will be on Oprah's self-help television show on OWN this Sunday.

You can see the full list of Oprah's Favorite Things (and get all of her special discount codes) here.