Mark Wahlberg to Justin Bieber: 'Pull your trousers up'

After he was arrested at age 16, actor Mark Wahlberg says he turned his life around. Now, the businessman and former model has some advice for another young star who seems in need of an awakening: Justin Bieber, be a good boy.

In an interview with the UK's "The Sun," Wahlberg explained his stance on Bieber's recent run-ins with the law, including a hit-and-run and the discovery of marijuana on his tour bus.

"He's a nice enough kid and you're going to be a teenager," Wahlberger noted, "but if you're being a teen in the spotlight you're going to be criticized for it. This career can be might as well be the best you can while you're doing it."

Wahlberg also had some advice directed straight to Bieber himself, who recently received a huge honor from the RIAA when his single, "Baby," became the biggest-selling digital single ever.

"Don't be so naughty," cautioned Wahlberg, "be a nice boy, pull your trousers up, make your mom proud and stop smoking weed."