Lloyd Webber's new show mines 60s sex and scandal

LONDON (AP) - He's done the Bible, felines, operatic phantoms and Argentine politics. So what is Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest musical about?Sex - as well as politics, spying, social revolution and the Cold War."Stephen Ward" centers on a sensational real-life scandal, the 1963 revelation that Britain's war secretary, John Profumo, was involved with model Christine Keeler, who was also sleeping with a Soviet naval attache.The "Profumo affair" rattled Britain's establishment and fascinated the nation.But Lloyd Webber says the show, which opens in London in December, is about more than the scandal - it's a portrait of a "febrile time" of tumultuous social change.At a preview of songs from the musical Monday, the "Phantom of the Opera" composer said, "It's just extraordinary, really, the ramifications of what went on."