'Bachelorette' stars Desiree and Chris settle down in Seattle

After a stunning finale of "The Bachelorette," star Desiree Hartsock is ready to settle down with her new fiance, Chris Siegfried, in Seattle.

"This is my first time in Seattle I love it so far," she said in an interview with KOMO news, "we got to go to a Seahawks game. That was really fun!"

Following the dramatic departure of Brooks Forrester in the season's penultimate episode, Hartsock was left heartbroken and uncertain of her future. Her worry was brought to a dramatic close when Siegfried proposed in the finale. Now, three months have passed since filming wrapped, which has allowed Hartsock and Siegfried to spend some off-camera time cementing their relationship.

"We were kept very secluded [after filming ended]," says Chris, "we saw each other every ten days. It was hard".

Siegfried is a local Seattleite who moved to Ballard after playing minor league baseball until 2011. A graduate of the University of Portland, Siegfried is a mortgage broker originally from McMinneville, Oregon. The two now reside in Seattle.

"I was expecting rain all the time. [Chris] is trying to win me over with Seattle. He always says 'It never rains. It's always sunny!'" Hartsock explained.

"I came from Santa Monica and I love the beach, so it's nice to still have water and nature."

Of course, the Emerald City offers plenty of nature for the two to explore.

"We like to get out and hike. Rain or shine we'll do that kind of stuff," says Siegfried.

"We went to Discovery Park. That was really pretty...I love all the neighborhoods... Fremont, Ballard," added Hartsock, beginning to sound like a local. They're also making sure to check out some of the city's most established spots for dining.

"We went to Anthony's. That was fun," Siegfried affirms.

What is next for the couple? Siegfried plans to release a poetry collection.

"It's going to be called 'Diamonds and Hearts.' It's a poetic memoir. It's mostly poetry that I've written over the last four years, and there's some poetry of [Hartsock's]."

Hartsock, meanwhile, plans to rekindle her bridal business in Seattle.

"I'm looking to build my bridal collection and design wedding dresses," she says, adding that she's actively looking for new clients.

Now that the finale has aired, the two can also finally get serious about their own wedding. The couple says they're looking to wed in the summer of next year. But where?

"We've been leaning towards Northwest, but it's still to be determined," Siegfried noted.

When asked whether the wedding would be televised, Hartsock said she wants it to be intimate, but that "if that works with being on TV, we'd like to share it with people."

The couple have received plenty of scorn for meeting on reality TV, but Hartsock says that outside opinions really don't matter to her.

"We know we're supposed to be together," Desiree affirmed.

Siegfried agreed, adding that "the pictures to look forward to are the ones on Instagram, not the ones in the tabloids. We're not paying attention to what's being put out there whatever you see in a magazine may not be accurate."