With baby play yards, newer is better

With lots of things, newer is better. And that's certainly true for baby's play yard.

One of the strongest play yard rules in the world went into effect in February of this year.

"So newer is safer when it comes to play yards because they have to be made stronger and more stable," said Scott Wolfson with the Consumer Product Safety

Of course, you need to make sure you use the play yard properly. It's critically important that you only use the mattress that comes from the manufacturer.

"Bringing in an outside mattress that is not a mattress supplied by the manufacturer that's a recipe for disaster," Wolfson told me. "Stick with the products and all of the accessories for your play yard that the manufacturer provided with your product. That's going to keep your baby safe."

It will help prevent those needless tragedies of entrapment and strangulation.

And remember, baby always goes on her back when in a play yard or crib.

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