Windshield Wonder: Does it work?

When most of us get around to cleaning the inside windows on our vehicle, we typically use window cleaner and a cloth or paper towels. Windshield Wonder promises to make cleaning windshields fast and easy with microfiber and a long-reach handle. It sells for around $10.

It's basically a paddle on a stick. The plastic paddle is covered with a removable microfiber pad or "bonnet." The plastic handle extends to 16 inches. The commercial touts an "ergonomic handle and pivoting head for easy reach" and the fact that you don't need glass cleaner, only water.

I started by cleaning half the windshield the old school way with window cleaner and my personal favorite -- crumpled newspaper. I like the way newspaper cleans without leaving streaks or lint behind. I did have to reach a bit to clean the bottom of the windshield, but on the passenger side, it's no big deal. I was able to clean the passenger half of the windshield quickly and easily.

A small spray bottle for water is included in the Windshield Wonder kit. When it came to cleaning the driver's side of the windshield- the long, pivoting handle definitely made it easier to reach over the steering wheel and dash board.

In my experience at least, the Windshield Wonder's biggest advantage is the extended reach of the handle when you need it. It also gets points for less mess with cleaning supplies, rags or newspaper. But both cleaning options took about the same amount of time, and did an equal job of cleaning the glass.

Ordinarily I'd give the windshield wonder 2 and half stars out of 4. It's not heavy duty so durability is an unknown. However, since virtually everyone I surveyed for this report said they rarely ever wash their interior car windows, I'm giving it 3 stars as a tool to keep in the glove box with the bottle of water. If nothing else, it can come in handy for cleaning the windshield when the inside fogs up. Not while you're driving, of course.