Why two cats can be better than one

We often think of cats as solitary animals, but the fact is a lot of them like having a feline friend in the family. So, if you plan to visit a shelter to adopt a cat, you might want to consider taking home twice as much love.

"The more that you can adopt cats of similar age and especially from the same litter, the better off they will be," said Mikkel Becker,a pet trainer with

If you already have a cat, what about adding another one to the family? Local shelters are overflowing with wonderful cats. The older ones make wonderful companions.

"They really have so much love to give and also they have an established personality, so you already know what they're going to be like, rather than it being guesswork," Becker said. "You already know what their fill grown temperament is like, so you know if they're going to be a good fit in your home."

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