Where to donate, sell or recycle stuff you need to get rid off

2 questions to ask when clearing household clutter: Do I want to make money? Or just get rid of stuff? KOMO photo

For their Spring/Summer issue, editor Kevin Brasler and his staff compiled an extensive report on getting rid of virtually everything.

"Because we just have too much stuff!" said Brasler. "Whether it's inherited or we just accumulated too many things and don't know what to do with them."

Checkbook's full report on How to Get Rid of Stuff includes tips and websites for selling, donating and recycling all that stuff cluttering up your closets, drawers, attic, garages and storage space.

While the link takes you to the report Estate Sales, check the left hand margin and you'll see the other reports about getting rid of stuff.

As a courtesy to KOMO viewers, the subscriber-based report will be accessible on this website until August 5th, 2017.

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