What to do if you want to keep using Windows XP

You know that Microsoft has pulled the plug on Windows XP, but you like the operating system and want to use it a bit longer.

You can, but you are now more vulnerable to hack attacks or other malicious activity.

Sean Sullivan, a security advisor with F-Secure, says you must stop using Internet Explorer immediately and switch browsers.

Sullivan says get rid of the Java plug-in, which is another common target for attack and do a Spring cleaning. Remove any software that's not absolutely necessary.

"You really want to uninstall software,especially plug-ins to the browser," he said. So, less is more in this case. The less software you have, the less attack surface there is. Trim it down. Clean it up. You want to go through your programs and setting and uninstall software you're not really using."

The bottom line: if you go online with your computer and you still use Windows XP, you'd be smart to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 before too long.

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