Washington ranked among top 10 for Internet crime

This may be one of the most Internet savvy parts of the country, but that doesn't mean we're internet secure.

A new report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center ranks Washington state as one of the top targets for internet crime. Sure, we're some of the most computer-savvy, smart-phone-shopping and app-downloading people on the planet, but that might be why we're also right up there when it comes to getting burned by scammers.

This year's report from the Internet Crime Center confirms we're being targeted by hackers, scammers and crooks by every other name who use digital universe to rip us off.

The top Internet crime state last year based on complaints was California, followed by Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, Ohio and Washington state at 10.

If you own a home, sell homes or are looking for a place to live- Scammers are looking for you. They post adds on Cragslist using photos of homes that are not really for rent- and collect thousands from people who answer the ads. Scammers use the internet and special list apps to get your phone number- and intimidate you into sending thousand of dollars.

The tricks are endless: The grandparent scam, fake loan collectors, fake process servers, fake tech support that installs viruses in your computer, and fake anti-virus software that does the same. There are hundreds of fake rental listings, fake "Dog For Sale" ads, fake timeshare resale companies, bogus loan modification companies, and numerous auto sales scams.

And despite repeated warnings and scam alerts even savvy computer users are making purchases, downloading apps and posting information that's helping scammers cash in- to the tune last year, of more than $525 million.