Upgraded smartphones trigger new cell phone wars

Smartphone technology changes so quickly it seems upgrades are in the works almost as soon as one model comes out.

But experts say with this latest round of upgrades, most non-geeky types who don't have a smartphone or want to make a change will do just as well upgrading to an older model, such as a iPhone 4S, or one of the popular Andriods.

"For the average person, really, a lot of these upgrades coming out on the new smartphones, you're really not going to tell a difference at all. I mean it's going to be very minimal," explained Ecommerce Analyst Shauna Causey.

"There's a price war happening online between quite a few different major retailers trying to get rid of the current stock," Causey added.

And amid all the sales, there are three standouts. For Apple fans, the iPhone 4S has always been among the most popular smartphones.

"You can get it for $49.99 from a few different sellers, " Causey said. "The Android, we've got the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is again, an excellent model, we've got the Google Nexus 4- and those are both really similar to the iPhone in that the upgrades you're gonna see are small."

So Android or Apple, if you need a smart phone -- and can live without the latest Einstein edition -- you can save a hundred dollars or more with an older model and still get everything you need.

You can find the iPhone 4s, Galaxy S3 and the Nexus 4 for as little as $50, through retailers and cell carriers online. Just be prepared for a two-year service agreement and read the fine print and be very carefully with your plan selection.

If you're selling an iPhone 4S right now, you may be able to get more than you paid for it. just make sure you sell it through a reputable channel.