Update: Turbo Roaster now available in some local stores

The promise of shaving hours of the cooking time for turkey while retaining the moisture has many KOMO 4 viewers interested in a new product called TurboRoaster. The problem? Where to find it. Bartell Drugs now says it has the solution.

When I put it to the test November 25th, I was able to roast a 20 pound turkey in just over 2 hours. The traditional cooking time for a turkey that size ranges from between 3 1/2 to 5 hours at 325 degrees, depending on which roasting chart you use.

While the cooking time in my test was reduced, and the turkey was moist- I discovered TurboRoaster is not currently available at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond as was suggested. One KOMO viewer reports finding the device at the Walmart in Lake Stevens, however other Walmarts I contacted were not familiar with the product. According to the marketing company, it may be an "east coast - west coast" thing. However, a tweet from Bartell Drugs has solved the availability problem for people interested in checking out Turbo Roaster for themselves.

Here's the tweet:

.@ConnieKOMO FYI, the Turbo Roaster IS in every one of our stores! We're ready for Thanksgivukkah! #GobbleGobble

Bartell Drugs (@bartelldrugs) November 26, 2013

The TurboRoaster introduces steam inside the turkey cavity, with a cooking temperature of 425 degrees. That's about 100 degrees higher than normal. The steam concept is similar to placing an opened can of beer or soda inside the cavity during roasting - or stuffing the bird with sauerkraut to keep the meat from drying out during cooking.