Two websites to help save money on live performances and entertainment

Catching live entertainment in the greater Seattle area can be expensive, so it's always nice to know of ways to cut down on the cost.

Here are a couple of websites that can save you a bundle- as long as you're flexible.

Let's say you want to catch the live musical at The Village Theatre, a popular local community theatre group known for its high-quality productions.

You can get tickets at the last minute, through a website called TodayTix.

They specialize in last minute deals for a variety of local, live performances. The company has partnerships with entertainment providers in a number of cities across the country.

"This is a way that companies that have extra inventory, have a way to sell them, without having to offer the discounts themselves," explained Kevin Brasler of, whose researchers checked it out.

Goldstar is another great site to put on your list.

On Goldstar, I found enticing discounts on local musical productions, a national dance company, comedy clubs, even a $17 family play using American Sign language.

I found a Sunday dinner supper cruise for $45 instead of $75, a wine and chocolate pairing for $17.50 instead of $35 and free tickets to the International Gem show.

"We bought stuff through it," said Brasler. "The discounts seemed to be genuine discounts."

They're a lot like the discount hotel and travel sites, where you plug in where you want to go and see what's available.

Like other discount sites - what you get and what you pay with these discount entertainment sites - depends on your timing and flexibility.

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