To freeze or not to freeze? That's a good question

What do these food items have in common: Lettuce, celery and cucumbers?

They don't freeze well. Many high-moisture veggies don't do well in the freezer.They become limp when thawed because of the ice crystals that formed.

You can freeze eggs, but the food experts at Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine say make sure they are out of the shell. Cream sauces and mayonnaise are iffy because they will probably separate and appear curdled when thawed.

So what does freeze well? A lot of things: bread, meat and poultry, fish, and some beans. Just make sure they're fresh.

ShopSmart reminds us that proper packaging will help maintain quality and prevent freezer burn. They suggest wrapping packaged meats again, over their original packaging. By the way, food that has freezer burn is safe to eat -- but who would want to!

One more tip about the temperature. ShopSmart says food stored consistently at zero degrees Fahrenheit will always be safe - but as we all know, the quality is going to decline over time. It's a good idea to have a freezer thermometer to make sure it's cold enough in there.