Tired of clipping? Consumer Reports rates best coupon apps

Tired of clipping food coupons to save money? Maybe you should automate the process with some coupon apps.

Our news partners at Consumer Reports just published a list of their favorite coupon apps for grocery shopping.

Cellfire: best for instant savings. chock full of offers for groceries and everyday items.

Grocery IQ (from best for those who tend to stick to the same shopping list week after week

Saving Star: best for big rewards

Saving Star is different from all the rest. The money save doesn't come off your bill; it adds up in your SavingStar account.

When you've saved $5, you can choose from four payout options: bank deposit, PayPal deposit, Amazon gift card or donation to conservation group American Forests.

By the way, all of these apps are free. And they let you load the savings on to your loyalty card to make using them really easy.

More Info: Best Coupon Apps for Grocery Shopping

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