Tips on picking and shucking corn on the cob

My wife and I eat a lot of corn on the cob during the summer months - a lot! Chances are you do, too.

How do you pick which ears to buy? Do you pull back the husk and check the kernels?

Our news partners at Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine say that dries out the corn. A better way, they suggest, is to "feel the ear" through the husk. It should be "filled out with plump kernels." If you feel holes where the kernels should be, move on to the next ear.

And here's a tip on how to speed up the shucking - zap it in the microwave.

Chef Bryan Roof demonstrates on the YouTube clip The Easiest Ever Way to Shuck Corn from America's Test Kitchen:

"Start by cutting at the stalk end one inch below the last row of kernels. Place it on a plate and microwave for two to four minutes. The microwave creates just enough steam between the kernels and the husk to separate the two. Grab the corn by the uncut end and shake it and squeeze at the same time and the corn will slide out silk free and husk free."

ShopSmart reminds us that corn husks make great warps for grilling food. Soften them in hot water for about 15 minutes before you wrap them around the food.