Tips on Holiday Tipping

It's the time of year when some of us tip people who take care of us during the year, such as our barber or hair dresser, personal trainer, gardener or house cleaner.

Surveys done by Consumer Reports show that one in six people tend to give at least one holiday tip.

"Most professionals typically received a holiday tip or gift with a median value of $20," said Tobbie Stanger with Consumer Reports Money Advisor.

Not sure what you should do? Stanger says talk to your neighbors.

"Because it really is very regional and even neighborhood by neighborhood," she explained.

And if you can't afford it, a tip doesn't have to be money. Stanger says people just like to know they're appreciated.

"Tipping can just be a card with a very sincere thank you. It could be a little gift. It can be something that you've made or something that you've baked," she said.

Remember, Postal Service workers are federal employees, so they cannot accept any gift valued at more than $20 and they can never take cash or a cash equivalent, such as a gift card.

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