Tips on exercising with your dog

One of the great things about having a dog is that you two can exercise together - whether that's walking, jogging or doing agility training.

"I like any exercise program that gets the person and the pet moving simultaneously," said Dr. Ernie Ward, a vet, personal fitness trainer and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.

Dr. Ward says when you exercise with your pooch, it's important to look for signs that you may be pushing things too much.

"If your dog is really starting to pant a lot and starting to be very reluctant to move, then you've got to pay attention," he said. "Trust you intuition. If you feel like your dog has reached its point of fatigue, then you stop. There is no shame in slowing down."

Before you start any strenuous exercise program with your dog, get a vet health check. You want to make sure your best friend doesn't have any underlying medical conditions that could cause problems.

And remember, just like you, your dog needs to get plenty of water while exercising, too.

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