Tips for do-it-yourself painters

A new coat of paint is a quick way to freshen up the house. Our news partners at Consumer Reports have some great tips for all the do-it-yourself painters.

When you buy the paint, be sure to match the sheen to the surface.

Deputy home editor Celia Lehrman says low luster and eggshell are fine for any surface, especially walls. They're good at hiding and they're durable.

Flat paint is better at hiding flaws, but it's less resistant to stains and smudges.

"You want to use them in most low-traffic areas," Lehrman said. "Often ceiling paint is flat because there's not a lot of traffic up there."

Semi-gloss works well for trim and surfaces that don't need to be wiped as much.

Get this: If you have more than one can of the same color paint, you should mix that paint together in a big container, stir and pour back into the cans.

"That way you're making sure that all of the paint will be the same color," Lehrman explained.

Consumer Reports tested 65 paints for its latest ratings. A new paint, Clark+Kensington at Ace Hardware took the top spot in each finish - satin, flat and semi-gloss.

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