Tinted glasses for migraines?

People who get migraines are often hypersensitive to light and other visual stimuli. And it seems, the color of that light can make a difference.

Sunglasses might help some people. Tinted glasses are another possibility.

"The color that seems to work the best for most people are rose tints, so you might start with trying that," said Dr. John Swartzberg at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

If you think light sets off your migraines, you might want to try experimenting with sunglasses with different tints that block out different wavelengths of light.

"You'll be wearing them in the house as well as outside, so you don't want to get the sunglasses that are tinted so darkly that you can't see well inside," Dr. Swartzberg said. "Get lightly-tinted glasses and see if one particular one does help you."

You might also want to talk to you eye care specialist.

Dr. Swartzberg reminds us that no one thing works for all migraine suffers. And in some cases, he cautions, wearing the "wrong" tint could make the symptoms worse.

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