Things to think about before you tackle DIY home remodeling projects

We're headed into the home improvement season, and a lot of us will attempt do-it-yourself remodeling projects - and not just the simple stuff like painting.

"All of us will attempt DIY projects at some point in our life," said Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List. "Let's face it, it's fun, it's your house, you enjoy doing things to make it a better place."

Magazines and websites and TV shows can make difficult DIY projects looks easy, but Hicks reminds us that it's important to know when you're getting in over your head.

If you do attempt something above your skill level and something goes wrong, you can get hurt or cause expensive damage to your home.

"If it's a project you've never tackled you might consider consulting with a professional. People don't realize that the pros may offer some advice," Hicks said. "They may charge you for an hour of consultation which might save you a lot of headaches."

When it comes to DIY repairs, don't settle for temporary fixes. Skipping steps or forcing things together may provide temporary solutions to short-term problems, but they often don't last and they can be dangerous.

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