The right way to give your cat liquid medication

It's always a challenge to get your cat to take his or her medication. You can try to hide a pill or capsule in a pill pocket, but what about a liquid medicine?

"A lot of people want to open a pet's mouth and squirt the medication on the tip of the tongue, and the cat just [spits it out] and it ends up all over you and all over the ceiling," said Dr. Marty Becker with

There is a much better way. Becker explains how to use the cat's cheek like a funnel.

"All you do is grab them in the corner of the lip and pull it out and squirt the medication in there. It runs right down behind the back tooth and right down their esophagus every time," he said.

And here's a tip that will improve your chances of succes, whether you're giving them a liquid, tablet or pill.

"If you close the pets mouth and just blow really lightly in their face, and this is for cats or dogs, they automatically swallow," Becker said. "Just give a little puff of air in their nose, you can be 6 inches or 12 inches away, and they'll swallow every time."

I do that with my cat, Casey, and it really works.

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