The big hype: testosterone replacement therapy

The ads are everywhere. They ask baby boomer men (like me) if we need a little help at work, at play or in the bedroom?

"Millions of men 45 or older may have Low T," they say.

The friendly announcer suggests that testosterone replacement therapy might be the answer; a way to turn back the hands of time.

Dr. John Swartzberg at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter reminds us that it's normal for a man's testosterone level to drop as he ages. In most cases, he said, treatment is not required or necessarily beneficial.

"There are some upsides to taking testosterone in a small percentage of people and there are some downsides in people who don't need it and are taking it as a supplement," Swartzberg said. "The place to learn about this is not from supplement manufacturers, but from your doctor."

The Wellness Letter cautions that there are some major health risks associated with taking testosterone supplements, such as increased heart disease and prostate cancer and possible liver damage.

Swartzberg points out that there is no proof testosterone treatment will boost sexual performance.

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