The 411 on vaccinations for your pet

Vaccinations are something every pet parent needs to think about.

It used to be that your dog or cat got a shot every year, but that's not necessarily the case anymore - vaccines have gotten better.

Experts in veterinary medicine have found that some vaccinations can be given less frequently than in the past.

"The core vaccines like for distemper, hepatitis and rabies are only given about every three years now, typically," explained Dr. Marty Becker with

Other vaccines are given more often. The shot for parainfluenza, which causes a condition often referred to as kennel cough, can be given every year, Becker said. Vets often give an annual booster shot to protect against Leptospirosis, a potentially deadly bacterial disease.

Be sure to tell you vet if you plan to travel with your pet to an area that may have other kinds of diseases. Your pet may need to get a shot before you head out of town.

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