Target breach shows importance of monitoring your bank accounts

Coming right before Christmas, the Target security breach got an enormous amount of news coverage.

It was a big one (although not the biggest ever), but only one of about 600 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2013.

The fact these attacks are affecting retailers of all sizes and the experts say they are going to continue.

The lesson here: you need to take responsibility for your financial security.

John Ulzheimer with CreditSesame says you need to be routinely checking the transactions posted on your credit and debit card accounts to look for unauthorized charges.

"Too many people wait until the end of the month when they get their statement and then a lackadaisical job of reviewing the transactions, assuming all is well, when in reality there may be a problem," Ulzheimer said. "Become more engaged with your statement online, every couple of days, so that if something does happen you know about it immediately."

Take advantage of financial alerts, if available, on your accounts that can give you a heads-up to a possible problem.

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