Table-Mate: Does It Work?

Local students moving away for college are faced with all sorts of new challenges, not the least of which is space. Table-Mate claims to give you more table options in small spaces.

It's what you might call a modern day version of the old fashioned TV tray for dorms, apartments and anywhere you need your own personal table. The L shaped legs can slide under a chair or sofa, allowing you to get the table close to your body.

Our testers found the assembly instructions somewhat confusing- because the illustrations on the box show different table angles than the design allows. It took a review of the infomercial to get the real picture. Assembly confusion aside, our two testers give Table-Mate an A for effort. But on a scale of 1 to 4, they only give it an overall rating of two and a half stars.

It does work, but the ladies felt the lip at the end of the table facing your body, isn't high enough to keep larger books and magazines from slipping off when the table is angled low. They also found the height adjustment tabs in the legs rather difficult to press- in order to raise and lower the table top. The Table-Mate is easy to store as advertised, without taking up a lot of space. It sells for about $25.