Stuff you should not flush down the toilet

Your toilet is not a trash can.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the people who run our waste treatment plants would like you to stop putting those flushable wipes in the toilet.

"They might leave your toilet; they might leave the house, but they plug the local
sever lines. And they cost you a lot of money to remove," said Pam Elardo, director of King County's Waste Water Division.

Elardo says all sorts of stuff that should go in the trash is being flushed down the toilet. That includes: baby wipes, facial wipes, condoms, tampons, even disposable diapers.

All of these things have to be screened out at the treatment plant.

"Sometimes there's so much that we cause backup at the treatment plant, if it doesn't cause it in the local collection system," Elardo told me. "But nonetheless, we're spending a couple hundred thousand dollars a year of public money to collect this material and take it to the local landfill."

So don't flush trouble. Trash goes in the trash can - even if the product is labeled flushable.

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