Stretch Genie: Does it work?

If you've ever had a pair of shoes that are too tight, you know how miserable it can be for your feet. Stretch Genie promises to stretch your shoes to fit "like magic."

The commercial makes it look like you get immediate results:

"Just spray Stretch Genie inside any shoe.The special formula instantly relaxes the fibers, then place your foot in the shoe and it stretches and expands to the perfect size," the commercial explains.

We tested the solution on two pairs of shoes and a pair of boots, which owner Suzy Dabakian said she doesn't wear because the tightness around the toes makes her feet hurt. After spraying the interior of the first pair of shoes and then putting them on and walking according to the instructions, Suzy said she could not tell any difference. So we gave the first shoes more spray and inserted the expandable shoe stretchers that come with the solution, to let the stretchers work overnight.

Next, we sprayed the interior of Suzy's second pair of tight shoes. But again, Suzy felt the Stretch Genie claims were just not in step with her results. She expressed similar disappointment when she sprayed the interior of her boots.

Her initial rating on a scale of one to four?

"I would do two. Yeah, Maybe one and a half, not even two, I don't think. One and a half," she said.

But to give it a chance, she agreed to give it more time. I called a local shoe repair expert who tells me shoes don't stretch instantly.

Danny Swanson says in a professional setting, the shoe has to get fairly wet with the solution, then a shoe stretching lathe is inserted to slowly stretch the material over a period of time -- sometimes a few days.

Sometimes the process must be repeated. It depends on the shoe style, construction and material. It's not quite as simple as just spray and walk.

Suzy will keep testing "Stretch Genie" for a week. I'll show you the final results next Wednesday and give you more shoe stretching tips from the pros.