Stone Wave microwave cooker: Does it work?

The first 12 seconds of the TV commercial make the Stone Wave look like an amazing kitchen must-have.

"Do you love fluffy cheese omelets? Scrumptious baked apple desserts? Savory french onion soup? Melt in your mouth chocolate souffle? Now you can make delicious gourmet food in minutes right in your microwave with Stone Wave!"

I took the it to volunteer Jennifer Austin to try out some of the included recipes. First, the fluffy omelet: Whisk the eggs, add chopped green onion,drop in some pre-cooked, cubed ham. After blending the desired ingredients, the instructions say put the lid on and cook in the microwave for 1 and a half minutes, although the commercial says only 1 minute.

Promoters say the secret is in the chimney that allows steam to escape while the dome circulates the heat. Even after 1 and a half minutes, some of our egg was still uncooked and runny. The instructions say cooking times may vary. But in our case, the extra time needed for thorough cooking left our omelet very dry and rubbery.

The chocolate souffle recipe calls for 2 minutes and 15 seconds in the microwave.
Our result was a dessert that looked and tasted more like dry,overcooked brownies. The time was clearly too long for our microwave. We did find that adding vanilla ice cream and chocolate liqueur did wonders!

The apple dessert basically looked and tasted like sliced, baked apples. But, we got the same results using a silicone, covered, vented microwave cooker Jennifer already had.
The final verdict? As far as cooking food in the microwave, it works, but you really have to watch those cooking times and "gourmet" is a bit of a stretch.

"I think I have other things that do the exact same job. Anything with a lid, that you can vent. And I'd rather have an omelet on the stove," said Austin. "Where I think this would really work is- if you were in a dorm where you had access to a microwave but not to a stove top this would be great, But think it's more a nice convenient substitute rather than a true great tool for a really serious cook."

On a scale of one to four, Austin gives Stone Wave one and a half stars. I'll give it as much as two and a half stars if you don't mind microwaved food, and you don't already have microwave safe cookware that can do the same thing.