Space-saving ovens put to the test

Are you remodeling your kitchen? One of the biggest challenges is deciding which cooking appliances to get. Choices among cooktops, ovens and ranges have mushroomed in recent years.

Consumer Reports tested more than 250 models to help you hone in on some great buys.

Lauren Torre is finishing up a major kitchen renovation. She wanted a range that delivered everything she needed all-in-one.

"Coming from somebody who had a really old kitchen, I could not believe how many different choices, and not just choices between brands, but choices between one brand and how many different models there are," said Torre.

According to Consumer Reports, she's in luck. New ranges offer additional cooking options and can cost hundreds less than buying separate units - even 30-inch ranges. A 30-inch range with double
ovens was put to the test -- it has a larger oven on the bottom and a smaller one on top, but maybe a little too small. A 30-inch Frigidaire double-oven range solves that problem; it has two same-sized ovens that can each handle a turkey.

"We were even able to fit a two-pound turkey in each one," said Celia Kuperszmidt-Lehrman with Consumer Reports.

But testers found getting a turkey out of that bottom oven is no easy task. As for the stovetop, should you get gas or electric?

"Chefs and cooks love gas ranges, but we've found that both gas and electric do very well in our tests," said Kuperszmidt-Lehrman.

If you've got your heart set on a double-oven range, you have more options with electric.

Among the top-rated was the double-oven Frigidaire for $1,800. Both of its ovens have convection settings for faster cooking. It also simmers superbly and the smooth top makes cleanup a breeze.

If you need a gas stove and are considering getting a dual-fuel range, Consumer Reports says the ones it's tested don't offer much advantage. However, Consumer Reports did find a great gas stove - Frigidaire's gallery for $775. It doesn't have a double-oven, but it does have five burners and a convection oven.