Some dogs get motion sickness in the car

A lot of us like to take our dog for a ride and some dogs really like being in the car with us.

At first, they may be a bit leery, if the only time they're in the car is when you take them to the vet or the groomer.

Here's something else to consider. About one in every six dogs gets motion sickness. Some vets reccomend Cerenia to help deal with that.

Mikkel Becker, a pet trainer with, says for some dogs the queasy stomach is caused by what they see.

"Putting a cone around their neck, can take away much of the motion sickness," Becker said. "A lot of dogs can be taught to wear that cone so that it's not such a big deal."

It's important to remember that your dog should be safely secured every time he or she is in the car. The best way to do that is to have a crate in securely fasted to the back seat. If you put some fun toys and treats in the crate, they should be OK being there, Becker said.