Should your dog be on heartworm medication?

Our dog Sam had his annual checkup recently and the vet suggested we start giving him a monthly heartworm medication.

I was surprised because we don't have much heartworm in this area.

"My dogs are all on heartworm preventative monthly," says Dr. Braud Crauer, director of medical services at the Seattle Humane Society.

He explained to me that heartworm preventatives also treat intestinal parasites.

"And we have lots of intestinal parasites that are dropped in our backyards by Ricky the raccoon and the goodies they leave. So our pets exposure rate to those are really high. I like monthly heartworm preventative and parasite control because you get to de-worm the dog and also prevent for heartworm."

Crauer says some of these parasites can be transferred to people. That makes this monthly treatment especially important if your pooch sleeps with you in your bed at night.

Talk to your vet because parasite control in the Northwest is important.

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