Seniors on Medicare not affected by Oct. 1 'Obamacare' begin date

An important warning to seniors: The next step in health care reform, what everyone now refers to as Obamacare, begins next Tuesday, Oct. 1. That's when the new state insurance Exchange opens.

If you're on Medicare, this does not affect you and there's nothing for you to do.

"If you have Medicare, if you're a Medicare enrollee today, October 1 is not your date," said Stephanie Marquis with the Washington State Insurance Commissioner's Office. "You should not go to the Health Plan Finder and sign up for a plan there. In fact, it's actually illegal to do so."

That's because you already have very good health insurance through Medicare.

"The state's exchange, the Washington Health Plan Finder is set up for people who buy their own individual health care insurance or who are currently uninsured," she said.

If someone contacts you and asks for personal information, like your Medicare number, because of "Obamacare" -- they're a crook. Hang up!

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